The help FAQs are designed to teach you how to use our site, answer questions you may have, and self-diagnose problems you may come across.

There are 2 ways to use the FAQs:

  1. Browse through the list of topics and find the category that corresponds to the question or problem you have and find the answer inside
  2. Use the Knowledge base search bar at the top part of the help center to search for the answer to your question or problem

Can't find the answer to your problem? Our help forums are a great place to look for the answer to your question or problem. If someone hasn't already reported your question in our archive, feel free to post an entry and one of our staff members or community supporters will get to you as soon as possible. Be wary that the normal chat is not the right place to ask for support and that you need to be logged in our forums in order to access the help forums and/or our archive.