How automated auctions on work.

When you go to the auction, you should be able to see their username, avatar and a box below saying "paid". If it's not there, it means that the user has not paid yet. Once the user has paid, you will be able to withdraw the items from the site inventory.



Enabling sniping prevention will prevent users from bidding on your auctions seconds before they close.

If a bid is placed in the last 5 minutes of your auction's time left, the timer will be reset to 5 minutes to give other users more time to bid and the auctioneer time to reject it.

Additionally, any bids placed during the 5 minute sniping protection time must be 1% higher in value than the current highest bid. This is to prevent lots of bids that continuously make the time longer.

To claim the item that you have won, visit the auction's page and click on the "Finish Bid" button. You will receive a trade offer containing the item you won in exchange for the items you bid.



Once the winning bidder has paid, their items will be available in your site inventory. Keep in mind, if the bidder does not pay, their items will not be available there.

You cannot remove your bid, however the auctioneer can reject your bid if they desire.

You cannot cancel auctions once they are created, no exceptions. Staff members can not do it for you either.

As you were warned before bidding, you must keep the exact items you bid in your inventory. If you trade them away or even get replacements for the same item, the trade won't work because they do not have the same ID.

Some items such as metal and keys do not have this restriction and are not ID specific.