Queue & Trade Offers

Questions and problems regarding the queue system and trade offers sent by our bots.

See also: Problems after Trading  

The Queue System

We have updated Scrap.TF to remove the outdated queue viewer. Ever since we implemented trade offers our bots have processed and sent many trades at once, removing the need for the traditional queue.

The trading process is now simplified and more convenient for everyone.

Receiving your trade offer may take longer when the site is under heavy load or when Steam's servers are being slower than normal. If your trade has been processing for more than 10 minutes this means there may be a problem with that bot, so you should cancel the trade and try again at a later time.

This means that either the trade offer is in the process of sending, or the bot has suffered a failure. In which case, you might need to wait up to a half hour for the bot to restart. If you have been stuck for more than 30 minutes, then we suggest you to ask a supporter in the support chat to kick you out from the queue. If support happens to be closed, you can submit a ticket regarding it in the Help and Support forum (you have to be logged in to access it).

Accepting Trades

This is a common issue that you might experience a lot due to some Steam issues and other reasons.

  • "There was an error accepting this trade offer. Please try again later. (ERROR NUMBER #)"
    • #8, 50, or 24: Your Steam trading session expired, you need to refresh the trade offer after logging out and back in of Steam to fix it.
    • #11, 16 or 42: The trade went through, you only need to refresh the page to see that it's no longer valid or check your inventory/backpack. Sometimes when you experience the errors 15, 16 or 25 and the trade didn't go through, you have to restart Steam and try to accept it again.
    • #15, 25 or 26: Your or the bot's backpack is full. Free some space in your backpack or use another bot that isn't full. It also can mean that the items were already traded away.
    • #2, 20 or 28 : Steam is experiencing some item server issues and you will have to try again later.
  • "You can't trade with [botname]": Restart Steam and try again, block and unblock the bot, or try accepting the offer in your Steam client instead.
  • "SteamGuard", "To protect your items..." and similar messages: Your Browser was detected as a "new device" and is temporarily restricted from trading. You have to accept the trade offer in your Steam client instead. If that doesn't work, you will have to wait anywhere from 7 to 15 days.

Steam has a feature which basically allows anyone to report an account for trade-scams. If enough people do this, the account will be automatically flagged. This process is completely automatic and no human will review these reports, so it's being abused by users who don't like us. 

Trade Errors

This means you may have taken too long to accept the trade offer. Offers have a limit in our bots before they are automaticly canceled. There may also have been an error or you were kicked due to maintenance.

  1. Our bots may be experiencing connection issues to Steam. You can check if Steam is down by visiting https://steamstat.us
  2. Make sure that your trade offer URL that is located in your scrap.tf settings is correct.
  3. Check if the items that you are trying to sell are tradable. (metal/items)
  4. Make sure that you haven't changed your password recently, logged in from a new browser, cleared cache and/or cookies or recently activated Steam Guard. If you have done anything of that then you will have to wait until the time limit is over so you are able to trade again.
  5. Your backpack might be full or might not have enough space for your new item(s).
  6. Your trade offer URL might not be working properly or you didn't set it properly.

Make sure that your metal and items are tradable and craftable. If you aren't able to see the metal via the Steam Community backpack, then you will have to wait a few minutes or close TF2 so your it gets updated.

If you are experiencing this error while trying to pay with items, it most likely means that we are not accepting said item for whatever reason or that it is overstocked.

There are different reasons why you might be experiencing this:

  • Your metal is not tradable or not craftable, you need clean metal in order to trade with our bots. You can check this at your steam inventory
  • Your or the bots backpack is full and cannot carry any more items.
  • The bots are experiencing some connection issues.
  • You are being affected by trade holds.
  • Strange Banking:
    • The bots already have 15 units of the strange you are trying to sell. The error "You offered no valid items" is caused by such stock limit
    • The strange that you are trying to sell is not craftable (check if we are accepting that version) or not tradeable.
  • Killstreak Kit Banking:
    • "You offered no valid items" means that we already have hit the stock limit for the kits you are trying to sell. The current stock limit is: 5 of the same basic kits and 1 of the same specialized and professional.
  • MvM Part Swap:
    • The parts that you are trying to sell are currently not being bought. For example: If it says "Reinforced: 0/0.05" then it means that we aren't buying reinforced parts at that moment.
    • If the price of the parts you are trying to sell is lower than 1 scrap, you have to sell multiple parts in order to get at least a scrap. For example, if we pay 0.5 scrap for Reinforced parts, you need to sell 2 of these parts, since the bots cannot pay you less than 1 scrap.

Before trading again make sure that:

  1. You have set your current public trade offer URL. If you created a new URL you need to update it by clicking here.
  2. The items are tradable and craftable (except for the accepted not craftable ones)
  3. Your backpack isn't full or overfilled
  4. Your backpack isn't outdated, you will have to close TF2 or restart Steam in order to update it.
  5. The homepage confirms that TF2 API and/or GC are up
  6. You don't have not tradable metal in your backpack, if you do then you will have to remove it
  7. You have enough metal to pay/items
  8. The bot is up
  9. You haven't recently changed your password, cleared cache and cookies or recently activated SteamGuard. If you have done any of that, then you will have to wait a week - a month in order to be able to trade again
  10. There isn't any announcement about it. If there is then you will have to read it.
  11. The site isn't down

This might happen when we are experiencing issues with the steam api, making all tradeoffer urls seem faulty to us. Otherwise it might be because you have done something which triggered SteamGuard's protection. Things like changing your email, changing your password, logging in from a new device or browser, logging in from a browser after clearing your cache and cookies, changing your authenticator device, and other things of the sort trigger so.

You will have to wait up to two weeks in order to be able to trade again, you can find more information regarding this topic in the following Steam Support article https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=1047-edfm-2932

Related : scrap.tf/help/kb/170

As the message says, you might have a trade ban or your inventory might be set to private. Make sure that your inventory settings are set to public and that you haven't done anything which could trigger SteamGuard's protection. Things like changing your email, changing your password, logging in from a new device or browser, logging in from a browser after clearing your cache and cookies and things of the sort trigger such protection.

If it's because SteamGuard, you won't be able to trade for a week.


Make sure that

That's because of an issue on Steam's end (most of the times), making our bots unable to check if the trade will end getting put in hold or something similar.

The only way to fix this issue is to keep trying until the trade goes through or wait some minutes and try again. Sometimes it might take you a lot of tries because of the Steam issues that were stated before.

If you receive a random trade offer from a fake Scrap.TF bot or someone asks you do "deposit items" into our site, your account may be compromised. Follow these steps to regain control of your account:
  • Change your Steam password: This will remove any unauthorized access from your account. You will not get a trade ban or trade hold if you change your password while already logged into your account.
  • Revoke any API keys: Visit https://steamcommunity.com/dev/apikey and click "Revoke My Steam Web API Key" if that button appears.
  • [b]Sign out from all devices: Visit https://store.steampowered.com/twofactor/manage and deauthorize all devices except your current one.
Tips to avoid getting your account compromised/hijacked:
  • When signing into steam on another site such as Scrap.TF, open Steam in a new tab and sign in there first. If the "sign in through steam" webpage still asks for your login, do not fill it in.
  • Never click on links or download anything from random people on steam or discord or anywhere. Random people will add you and attempt to scam you all the time.
  • If you use Steam Desktop Authenticator, always download it from GitHub at https://github.com/Jessecar96/SteamDesktopAuthenticator/releases! Never from any other website. There are multiple websites still live with hacked versions of SDA that will steal your account.

Trade Offer URL

In order to set your trade offer url you will have to follow these steps:

  1. Go to your scrap.tf settings
  2. Go to where it says "Trade Offer URL" and look at the text that can be found under the box.
  3. Click on "Trade URL for Third-Party-Sites". It will open a steamcommunity.com page.
  4. Scroll down until you see "Third-Party sites" - the URL under it is your trade offer URL.
  5. Copy the URL and paste it on the box mentioned before (in your scrap.tf settings), then click the save button.

That's it! You have now set your trade offer URL and the bots will be able to send you a trade offer without adding you.

WARNING: If you have Steam Guard disabled or recently activated it for your browser, then you might be unable to accept trade offers from your webbrowser for a while.
You can still use your Steam client to accept trade offers like you always did. Don't know how to do that? Click here for a guide!