Join your fellow scrappers in a giant megaraffle that anyone can contribute to!

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I'm sad
I got disappointment
lol nothing
I got nothing
this isn't epic, i might even say it's anti epic


Megaraffle! This daily event is a collaborative raffle that anyone can contribute to!

How do I contribute?

To contribute, simply deposit items into your site inventory. Once that's done, click 'Contribute Items' at the top of this page, and select your contributions.

Who can enter?

Anyone who has completed at least one trade with ScrapTF in the past 3 months (excluding withdrawing raffle winnings) may enter the Megaraffle. Contributing items is not a requirement for entry.

Who wins?

Every item goes to a different winner. Winners are randomly selected, and your individual chance to win is the same as every other user's.