Thank you everyone for donating in the Nepal fundraiser! We recently reached our goal of 1000 keys (about US$ 2000). All ranks and donation amounts have just been added. Check your profile to see your updated rank.

Hat Banking

Choose one of the bots from the list below to buy,
or click Sell Hats to sell for listed prices.

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Hat Prices:

Icon Item Price to buy Price we buy
Selected valuable Hats/Miscs
(There will be no list!)
2.55 - 9.11 Refined
(Check bot inventories for prices.)
2.11 - 8.66 Refined
(Check your backpack for prices.)
Uncraftable Hats/Miscs
List of hats we do not accept
1.33 Refined 1.22 Refined
Craftable Hats/Miscs (exceptions apply!)
List of hats we do not accept
1.44 Refined 1.33 Refined
Ellis' Caps 1.22 Refined 0.88 Refined