Selling Assets

All information about selling hats, stranges or other items to our bots.

You will have to wait some seconds and try again by refreshing the page or by clicking on the refresh button. Sometimes that happens because of the APIs or GCs that we are using are down.

Bots can not be "filled" by the staff. All bots are filled and stocked only by user trades.

For example, the hat bots will only get more metal if more users buy more hats.

The card which you are trying to sell probably doesn't have a price set or is overstocked. That happens because there aren't enough units being sold in the Steam Community Market, meaning that we cannot set a price to it because we can't calculate the average price of said card.

There currently are 5 reasons of why this could be happening:

  • Your steam gift inventory settings are set to private.
  • We are not currently accepting that game, either because the game banking manager decided so or because it cannot be banked.
    • If it's the latter, the gift will be using the Steam Gift placeholder image. Example.
  • We have already hit the stock limit of that game
  • Your game is region locked.
  • You are trying to sell a game that has been added to your Steam Game library instead of a gift that is in your Steam inventory.
The bots pay a flat rate for each 'type' of hat, rather than the 'market value' of that hat. You can view the different categories and what is paid for them here. The bots may also change their prices slightly depending upon their metal/hat amounts, as noted in brackets next to the price.

Here are the reasons why your hat might not be showing up:

  1. Your backpack might be outdated, try closing TF2 if you have it open or try restarting Steam.
  2. The hat that you are trying to sell is not tradable, does not have a price yet, or is too expensive (check
  3. We have hit the stock limit of said hat. Hat banking's stock limit.
  4. We are not accepting that hat. Click here to see the list of not accepted hats
  5. We might be experiencing some connection issues because the TF2 API or GC are down

There are some reasons of why you are experiencing that issue:

  1. Your backpack might be outdated, try closing TF2 if you have it open or try restarting Steam.
  2. The item you are trying to sell is not on the price list. Scroll down on the item banking page to see it.
  3. If the item is uncraftable, make sure to check the chart to see if we accept the not craftable version of it.
  4. The item is untradeable.
  5. We have hit the stock limit of said item. You can see the limits in the price list.
The kit which you are trying to sell might have hit our stock limit or it might not have a price set yet. You will have to wait until our bots sell some of that kit or until our price manager sets a price for it.

It could mean that we are not buying or selling that skin yet. You will have to wait until our site is able to get an average price of said skin in order for it to have a price.

Remember that our stock limit in skin banking is of two units of every wear per skin.

It can be because :

  • It's overstocked (stock limit).
  • It's not tradable (check the item from your Steam inventory).
  • The information that we are getting from your backpack is outdated. Try opening and closing TF2 or close TF2 if you already have it opened.
  • We cannot calculate a price for it because it does not meet one (or many) of the conditions required for us to do said calculation.
Many expensive items, such as these Stranges can be sold to our item banking bots.