The Basics

Quick start to use Scrap.TF!

See also: Profile and Inventory Privacy   The Queue System   Queue & Trade Offers  

  • Make sure you are using a modern browser that supports HTML5 to experience all features this website has to offer.
  • Your Steam profile and inventory have to be set public in order for our bots to trade with you.
  • For the best trading experience, you should set your Trade URL in your Scrap.TF settings and make sure that the Steam authenticator is enabled on your account...
  • In order to trade with our bots, you need to have tradeable TF2 items (which we accept) and/or currencies (scrap, reclaimed, refined, keys) in your backpack.
  • In case you are unable to receive or accept trade offers, please read these articles about problems with trade offers.
  • If you are a Free2Play TF2 user, it can happen that some of your items are selectable, but the bots will be unable to trade for them. Steam restricts trading of your items if you found them as a random item drop or you crafted an item. These items would be normally tradeable if you become premium, but you cannot trade them as long as you are F2P!

Yes, you can use certain keyboard shortcuts to navigate quickly to specific pages or menus without having to move your mouse at all!

Listed are some popular browser access keys :

  • Chrome: Alt on Windows. Ctrl + Opt on Mac
  • Firefox: Alt + Shift on Windows. Ctrl + Opt on Mac
  • Safari 4+: Ctrl + Opt on Mac. Alt on Windows.
  • Internet Explorer: Alt

More information about access keys and how to use them in your browser can be found at

List of access keys:

You can see most navigation shortcuts by hovering over the keyboard icon in the top-right corner of the "Banking" menu... they will appear next to the link they activate! A full list is below.

Access key(s) + 1 - Homepage
Access key(s) + 2 - Opens the user menu
Access key(s) + 3 - Opens the banking menu
Access key(s) + 4 - Item search
Access key(s) + 5 - Community Rules
Access key(s) + 8 - Terms of Service
Access key(s) + 9 - About
Access key(s) + 0 - Opens the help menu
Access key(s) + W - Weapon banking
Access key(s) + U - Unusual banking
Access key(s) + S - Strange Banking
Access key(s) + H - Hat banking
Access key(s) + D - Skin and Warpaint banking
Access key(s) + P - MvM parts banking
Access key(s) + K - Key banking
Access key(s) + L - Killstreak banking
Access key(s) + C - Card banking
Access key(s) + B - Badge Builder
Access key(s) + G - Game Banking
Access key(s) + I - Item banking
Access key(s) + J - Incinerator
 Access key(s) + M - User Profile
Access key(s) + O - Settings



  1. Start by clicking on one of the buttons that you can see on the home page, the image that you can see in them is related to the banking that they do.
  2. After picking what banking you want to use you will have to click on "Sell [item/banking name]" if you want to sell your items. If you want to buy from our bots then you will have to scroll down a bit and select one of our bots or click the buy button if there's any so they show up.
  3. You should be able to see your backpack or the bot's backpack and also be able to pick the items that you want to buy or sell. When you finish picking which items you want to buy or sell and with what you want to pay, you'll be added to the queue where you'll have to wait for your turn.
  4. When you're in the front of the queue the bot will send you a trade offer and a notification will appear on giving you the options of checking the trade offer that the bot has sent you.

You can also watch our tutorial videos here.

Yes and no respectively. Some expensive stranges can be banked through item banking (check the list that you can see in item banking to see which ones) while all the other stranges can be banked through strange banking. We do not have any special banking for vintage items at this moment, but you can sell vintage hats in hat banking.

You can trade with our bots or with anyone as long as the items that you are trying to trade are tradeable. You can check this at your steam inventory.

When you are free to play you will only find/craft non tradeable items. In order to find or craft tradable items in TF2 you need to become premium. You can become premium by buying an item from the Mann Co. Store or by having someone give you an "upgrade to premium" gift. If you are F2P, the only way to obtain tradable items is through trading with users and bots.

Please note that your trade restricted (F2P) items could show up in any of the "Sell Items" sections, because our site may be unable to detect if they are tradeable or not. If you select these trade-restricted items, the bots will not be able to send you a trade offer!

Your suggestions are always welcome, we always look forward to improve any of our services. If you would like to share your suggestion, you can make a post in our suggestions forum. Make sure to read the guidelines, and look at the other threads to make sure your idea hasn't been posted already.

Trading Limits

There is a limit on how many items can be traded to the bots per trade. You can raise your limit by donating to the site or subscribing to priority. For every $1 you donate to Scrap.TF, you raise your limit by 2 in all categories.