Steam Games & Trading Cards

Help with Steam Games (Gifts), Trading Cards and Badge Builder.

See also: Item Banking  

Steam Games/Gift Banking

Selling games is new to many so here is a list of conditions that you have to consider.

The game you want to sell has to meet these conditions:

  1. The game has to be a tradable game gift in your inventory (next to the trading cards). You cannot sell games that are in your library. Once a game is in your library, it can never be turned back into a tradable game again.
  2. The game gift must have no regional restrictions at all, i.e. it has to be activatable in every country in the world.
  3. The game or bundle must still be available on Steam in the same form. You can recognize removed games by their generic gray "Steam Gift" logo.
  4. The game must be listed in our list of accepted games
  5. The game must be below the stock limit (part of the bar green in the list of accepted games) (we only buy a certain amount per game to prevent abuse and overstocking)

Your Steam Account has to meet these conditions:

  1. Public profile (see How do I make my steam gift inventory public? )
  2. Uncheck "Keep your Steam Gift inventory private" in inventory privacy settings (see How do I make my steam gift inventory public? )
  3. No trade holds when you trade (see It keeps saying that it will result in an escrow when I have everything activated! )

If you fullfill these conditions and still have problems, please ask for help on the forums or on live support.

To make your steam gift inventory public, you will need to first navigate to your steam profile From your steam profile, click “Edit Profile” and “My Privacy Settings” Once in the privacy settings, simply uncheck the box that says: “Keep your Steam Gift inventory private” and click save

Yes, you can. You only have to go to the game banking suggestions thread and suggest it in there. If our game price manager (ZakMcRofl) feels like it would be worth it to have this game in our banking, he will add it.

Steam Trading Cards

Yes, card banking has stock limits. This limit changes based on a number of factors and is not public.

That is because of the amount of Steam inventory items which our bot has to process, causing it to get slown down by a lot. You will have to keep waiting until the trade fails or goes through.

This is because: 

  • we either do not have any foil cards of that game in stock; or
  • that item is currently understocked; or
  • there are not many foil cards from that game on the Steam Community Market.


You will have to wait until someone sells that specific item to the bot,as all of our bots are restocked by users like you.

You can also check the other banking types for your desired item (for example, if you are looking for rare hats or rare stranges, check out item banking)

On the top right of Scrap.TF there is a search bar; type part of the item you want to find and it will list what bot(s) have said item.

Then you will have to wait until the bot gains more space by buying or selling (depending on what banking) items from/to the users. Staff will take action if it's needed, but we ask you to refrain from poking them about it every 5 minutes.

When an item is reserved it means that someone else went to the bot's backpack, picked the item and now is in the queue (he's waiting to buy/get it from the bot). This is done so other people aren't able to accidentally steal other user's items. No, you can't reserve any by yourself. Items get automatically reserved as soon as you get in the queue for that item.

This happens when all of the bots from the banking which you are attempting to use are full, as we do not load the inventories of full bots in the general view. You will have to wait until they have more space in their inventory.