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Information for guests

This website offers you an automated Team Fortress 2 banking service for weapons, hats, keys and many other items.

You can bank your TF2 items for metal or you can exchange your metal for TF2 items our bots have in stock.
Scrap.TF uses Steam's official OpenID interface to authenticate your Steam account. In this process you sign in with your username and password on the Steam servers, after that the Steam server tells us if you logged in successfully and returns your 64bit Steam ID. Your user credentials will not be shared.

You can read more about it here: http://steamcommunity.com/dev

User profiles

You can change the color of your username by going to your settings -> User Profile. You can use the colors from the previous ranks, but you won't be able to have a custom color of your own until you purchase Super Premium.

In order to request a custom color (SP), you will have to go to the category mentioned previously in your settings and then introduce the color (In Hex) you want in the custom name color box and save. After doing so, a request for said color will be made and sent to the staff. They will decide if to accept or reject said color.

Does that mean I can request any color?

No, it does not mean you can request any color. We will accept your color as long as :

  • The contrast ratio of your color is 3 or higher when the background color is #1A1917. Said thing can be checked here
  • The contrast ratio of your color is 1.5 or higher when the background color is #FFFFFF (white). Said thing can be checked here
    • Your color has to meet both contrast ratios!
  • It is not close to or is not the color of the banned users (#CC1100)
  • It is not an exact copy of the ranks above SP. The ranks and hex colors of them are :
    • Affiliate (#1ABC9C)
    • Contributor (#C5758C)
    • Support (#00ADAF)
    • Server Moderator (#D35400)
    • Moderator (#008AB9)
    • Administrator (#E74C3C)
    • Developer (#00FFFF)
    • Owner (#A475C5)

You can do so by typing [img]linkoftheimage[/img] and posting it.

Badges are given out by participating in events or by doing other things related to the site. Most badges were only given out for certain events and can no longer be obtained.

The only badges that can currently be obtained are the following:

  • Member for x years: This badge is given to everyone based on the number of years they've been a member of the site.
  • Raffle Veteran: This badge is automatically awarded to users who have been raffling for at least 2 years (the difference between your first and most recent raffle being over 2 years), and who have made over 50 raffles.
  • Pony+: This badge is given out only by staff members that select you for it. It is mostly given to very active community members with pony avatars.
  • Beta Tester: This badge is given out to users that help us test new features. We very rarely add new users to the beta testing team.
  • Supporter: This badge is for our volunteer support staff. If you'd like to apply click here.

When you are community banned you cannot do the following:

  • Join our chat or use the support room.
  • Comment on profiles, announcements, raffles, auctions, etc.
  • Have people comment on your profile.
  • View our forum (You will get an error if you try to).
  • Create and/or join raffles.
  • Create auctions or bid in them.

User settings

In the settings page you can configure some options of your scrap.tf account, you can find the following settings :

General settings

  1. Setting your trade offer URL (recommended): With this option you can paste your trade offer URL so you don't have to add the bot anymore in order to trade with it.
  2. Background colour: This option allows you to pick what colour you would like to have as the background in our site. It must be in Hexadecimal (for example, #333333 is a grey colour).
  3. Site theme: You can pick which theme you want to use in order to change the site's appearance.
  4. Desktop notifications: This enables/disables the options of getting a small popup which will inform you about your status in the queue.
  5. Item scrolling: Having this option enabled allows you to scroll through the bot's backpack without having the "bot menu" following you.

Privacy settings

  1. Raffle winner privacy: This option allows you to select what you want from you to be shown when you win a raffle. The options are:
    • Show my avatar and username.
    • Show my avatar, but censor my username.
    • Hide my avatar and username.
  2. Hide all links to your Steam-Profile for other users on Scrap.TF: If you activate this option, no one will be able to go to your Steam profile through scrap.tf (except Staff and Supporters).
  3. Becoming anonymous in the queue: Your avatar will turn blank with no name or link to your profile on the queue. This is mostly used so people stop posting "HURRY UP!!!!" in your profile.
  4. Enable profile comments: If this option is enabled, everyone will be able to post comments in your profile. Having it disabled will not allow anyone to post comments in it.

User settings

  1. Name color: Here you can change the colour of your username to the colour of a previous rank or the colour which you have requested (Super Premium).
  2. Custom Color: You can introduce the hexadecimal value of a color that you would like to have. Once you save your settings, a request for said color will be sent to the staff and they will decide if it's accepted or not. If it gets rejected, some of the reasons could be that your color is too dark or bright (color guidelines). You can check how your username will look like by introducing the hex value and later looking at the preview which you have at the top.
  3. Custom user title [premium and above]: With this option you can type and set your custom title so everyone can get to know more about you.
  4. Setting your custom avatar: [premium and above or users with the pony+ badge] : Here you can upload your custom avatar by selecting the file from your device. They must be Safe For Work (not rule breaking) and be less than 200*200 px. Once uploaded you will be able to delete or use it from the File Uploads settings.
  5. Chat icon [rule readers, pony+, veterans, premium and above]: Allows you pick a background for our chat.

Profile settings

  1. Custom Profile URL: This option allows you to have a custom userID instead of your usernumber. Example.
  2. Profile Background Color: You can set the background color for your profile here. It must be in Hexadecimal.
  3. Profile Theme: You can set the theme of your profile here. You can obtain more themes in our events.
  4. Profile Background Image: You can upload an image that you would like to use as your profile background. Right now we are only accepting these following file types: .jpg and .png.
    • Background Image Repeat: You can set how your background image will be repeated.
    • Background Image Position: You can set the starting position of the background image.
    • Background Image Attachment: You can set whether a background image is fixed or scrolls with the rest of the page.
    • Background Image Size: You can set if you would like the background image to keep it's size, fill the whole page, or the user's screen.
  5. Transparent Profile Boxes: You can make your profile boxes have some transparency so the background is more visible. Example.
  6. About you: You can introduce not rule breaking information about yourself here. It will be shown under your user information. Example.

File uploads

Here you can manage every avatar and background which you have uploaded and you can have up to twenty images uploaded. With them you can:

  • Delete: Your avatar or background will be deleted and no longer be usable. You will have to upload it again if you wish to use it after deleting it.
  • Set Avatar: It will set that image to your avatar. You can change it any time.

Updating your profile from Steam

This option will allow you to update your username and avatar to your current Steam username and avatar.

Profile and Inventory Privacy

You need to set your community profile as well as your inventory to public (setting it just to "logged in users only" won’t work!).
  1. Open your steam profile and click on Edit Profile
  2. Click on "My Privacy Settings" and select "Public - Viewable by anyone on the World-Wide Web" in both the "Profile Status" and "Inventory" sections.
    • You don't need to disclose your Steam Gift inventory, unless you want to use game banking.
  3. If you have done that, click the "redo validation" link in the warning message at the top of the page.
If that does not work, try relogging from Scrap.tf. If the message is still present after that, repeat the process after some time has passed (we recommend 30 to 60 minutes) as Steam sometimes takes a while to update its status properly. 

About Scrap.tf

First of all, please make sure that the issue you want to discuss is urgent!
This is because we have, on average, 30,000 trades taking place per day, so if for example your trade failed, help can be sought through our help center (the one you are viewing right now!), dedicated help forum or live support chat (if available). This is much more preferable than contacting us directly, which only serves to hinder our work.

Our staff do not wish to be personally contacted by any users. However, if you urgently need to contact us to disclose a security vulnerability or other critical issue(s) with the site, please email [email protected] with the details and you should receive a response within a day.

Most of the time we are not looking for any new staff members. If we are ever accepting new applications an announcement will be posted in our raffles section.

Yes, you can!

For more information please contact the Help and Support Manager, 3xlneet, by writing a comment on their Scrap.TF or Steam profile. It is highly recommended to be a regular user of our community and site, so that you are familiar with any ongoing issues in Scrap.TF; how to solve those issues; and how the system works.

Information about issues can be found in the help center and the help and support forums.