ScrapTF Secret Santa 2017: Signups Open!


That's right, the third annual ScrapTF Secret Santa is upon us! If you're new to the show, everything you need to know can be found on the signup page. If you're returning, read on for some very important changes for this year.

In past years, we've had issues with users signing up for the santa and forgetting they entered. This caused their matches to unfortunately be left with an unresponsive and, frankly, rude gifter. This is, of course, something we want to avoid. That's why, this year, you won't be matched up when signups close. Instead, once signups close, you'll have 24 hours to return and confirm your entry. Shortly after confirming your entry, you'll receive your matches. If you do not confirm within this 24 hour window, you will unfortunately be unable to participate. (Note that this won't count as being a grinch; you will not be banned from future events if you fail to confirm your entry).

In addition, as with last year, any participants who were grinched will be given the opportunity to be matched with a gifter whose recipient was a grinch. Essentially, if your gifter is a grinch, don't worry: you'll receive a new gifter who's already shown they're good-hearted.

That's the rundown for this year. We're excited, and we hope you are too! See you on the gifting field.

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