A Splash of Color

Some new personalization features have just been released!

For Premium Plus users, you can now set an image as your profile background like this:

There is a lot of control over how your background image is sized and positioned. You can use this as a full wallpaper like I am or place an image in any corner as an icon. To better view your background there is also a setting to make your profile boxes slightly transparent. This feature is only available to premium plus and super premium users. You can buy that using PayPal or TF2 items at https://scrap.tf/premium

There's also a great new feature for everyone! We now have a built in dark theme for the site:


And one more settings change for everyone, your site background color is now separate from your profile background color. These two settings are still available for all users.

Check out these new settings and more at https://scrap.tf/settings and be on the lookout for new personalization settings coming soon.

Tip of the Hats 2017 Announced -- Item Donations Open

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It's that time of year again: Tip of the Hats is returning for 2017!  If you love TF2, charity, or anything good in this world, read on for more information on this year's event! 

Item Donations Open Now

Want to donate? You're in luck! Item donations are being accepted right now! You can donate TF2 and CS:GO items which will be converted directly into cash and sent to Camp One Step. Your contributions also count towards earning in-game medals for this year's event! Click here to donate now.

ScrapTF is acquiring Backpack.tf

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No, that title isn't a joke: ScrapTF is acquiring backpack.tf. Once the transfer process is complete, ScrapTF (that's us!) will have ownership and control of backpack.tf. This is a very exciting opportunity for us; we think backpack.tf is a vital part of the trade community and we have big plans for it. We have more details for you down below, but first, allow me to make something very clear: we have no plans to amend the price suggestion process on backpack.tf. It is a sacred part of the TF2 community and we are dedicated to doing right by it.


Why we're acquiring backpack.tf

Two main factors drove our decision to acquire backpack.tf. First and foremost, we were approached and asked if we would buy backpack; we felt we were the right people for the job, so we said yes. We've created and managed two high-traffic TF2 websites already, so a third one is right up our alley. We didn't want one of the most vital parts of the TF2 economy to fall into the hands of those who wouldn't do it justice.

Second, we feel that with the addition of backpack.tf to our network of websites, we can create some great things. Each of these websites -- ScrapTF, Marketplace.tf, and backpack.tf  -- is able to benefit the other. For example, here at ScrapTF we've been collecting a great amount of data from the Steam Community Market to assist in pricing some of our items. This data can go to good use on backpack.tf, where we can use it to help determine prices of items heuristically. backpack.tf also has a lot of data that can greatly assist ScrapTF and Marketplace.tf in determining accurate prices for items. 

Immediate Changes

We have not yet begun the process of transferring the hosting of backpack.tf to ScrapTF, which will begin once the payment has cleared. This process will take some time, but once it is complete, expect us to immediately prioritize improving backpack.tf's performance and stability. We have a number of improvements planned to ensure that pages load faster than ever, and inventories fail to load far less frequently.

Backpack's administrators and moderators have done a phenomenal job managing the backpack.tf community, and we're excited to work with them moving forward. We won't be making any changes to the staff or structure, and their input is of the highest value to us.

Long-term Plans

Over the next few months and years, we will be building upon and improving backpack.tf in numerous ways. We have big plans for Classifieds which we think you'll very much like. We'll be improving the methods through which you can purchase premium or donate; you'll be able to do so with a variety of items beyond just keys. In terms of statistics, backpack.tf will have much-improved SCM sales statistics that will grant insight into the sales data of the Steam Community Market.

These are just our immediate long-term plans. As we move forward, we'll be incorporating new ideas into our plans.


We're sure you have questions, comments, or concerns that are burning a hole in your head. To that end, we're hosting an AMA on /r/tf2; go ahead and ask us anything about ScrapTF, Marketplace.tf, or backpack.tf.


We look forward to a long and healthy TF2 economy. This is just the beginning of our adventure.

-Geel and Jesse

Hugs.tf Item Donations Open Now!

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Can you hear it? The soundy sound that sounds... charitable? That's right, hugs.tf 2017 item donations are now open!

What is Hugs.tf 2017?

Hugs.tf 2017 is the fourth-annual charity event hosted in London. Running from May 6 to May 7, it provides 26 hours of non-stop action. This will all be live-streamed on Twitch, and they'll be taking donations for Special Effect the whole time. In short: it's pretty cool.

Item Donations

This year, hugs.tf has partnered with ScrapTF to provide TF2 and CS:GO item donations! Items donated through ScrapTF will be converted to cash (through the magical item-conversion properties of Marketplace.tf) and sent directly to Special Effect. It's a great way to give to charity; your hats will benefit the world! 

In addition, you can donate CS:GO Skins and Knives as well! Just like TF2 items, these will be converted directly to cash and sent to Special Effect.


To donate items or learn more, simply head over to the donation page


Improved Banking Navigation

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We're making a small change to the way that certain banking pages operate. If you're trying to buy hats, unusuals, or CS:GO skins, you'll see a few new buttons. For instance, here's hatbanking:

Keen observers may have noticed that, when buying hats, the items have always been separated into four distinct categories: new hats, strange hats, high-value non-strange hats, and craft hats. However, this has never been very intuitive -- and it can often confuse, leading some users to think that all we had were, say, strange hats.

This new navigation scheme allows you to view all the items, like before; however, now you can view only items from each category. This should help you find what you're looking for.

Similar changes have been made to Unusuals and CS:GO skins. This will be coming to Killstreak Kits and Itembanking as well. Enjoy!