Auto-Leveler is here!

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A while back, we released Badge Builder, our service for quickly and easily purchasing sets of Steam trading cards on a per-game basis. While this serves an important function, it's not so great for simply leveling up your Steam profile as quickly as possible. If only there were a better way.

Until now, there literally wasn't a way for you to level up your Steam profile.* Today, we've solved your problems with the release of Auto-Leveler, your one-click** solution for quickly upgrading your Steam profile level. All you have to do is click on the level you want to reach, and we'll sell you exactly the cards you need to achieve that level. Auto-Leveler automatically factors in your current Steam level, as well as your badge completion status to ensure you get exactly what you need with no duplicates.

Sound interesting? Head over to Cardbanking and click "Auto-Leveler", and away you go!

Let us know what you think!


*There was.

**Two clicks, technically.


ScrapTF Network-N Survey

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Hey guys,

As you may know, in order to cover the costs of running our raffles service, we run advertisements on raffle-related pages. We try to keep these as non-intrusive as possible; we specifically said no to running interstitials, full-page takeovers and "skins". We specifically ensured that our advertisement provider manually reviews all advertisements that are run to prevent malicious or unacceptable ads. We understand that some users will take measures to prevent seeing ads, and we're never going to degrade their experience -- such as annoying guilt-tripping popups or outright blocks -- just because they block ads. Our goal is to provide a great raffle experience that makes financial sense for us.

To that end, we'd much appreciate if you'd take this survey to help our ad providers gain insight into our userbase. The results of this survey will help provide advertisements that make sense to you. It should only take a few minutes and it's entirely anonymous. If you don't want to take it, no sweat; we're all leading busy lives.

Thanks for being a part of the ScrapTF community!

ScrapTF Secret Santa 2017: Signups Open!

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That's right, the third annual ScrapTF Secret Santa is upon us! If you're new to the show, everything you need to know can be found on the signup page. If you're returning, read on for some very important changes for this year.

In past years, we've had issues with users signing up for the santa and forgetting they entered. This caused their matches to unfortunately be left with an unresponsive and, frankly, rude gifter. This is, of course, something we want to avoid. That's why, this year, you won't be matched up when signups close. Instead, once signups close, you'll have 24 hours to return and confirm your entry. Shortly after confirming your entry, you'll receive your matches. If you do not confirm within this 24 hour window, you will unfortunately be unable to participate. (Note that this won't count as being a grinch; you will not be banned from future events if you fail to confirm your entry).

In addition, as with last year, any participants who were grinched will be given the opportunity to be matched with a gifter whose recipient was a grinch. Essentially, if your gifter is a grinch, don't worry: you'll receive a new gifter who's already shown they're good-hearted.

That's the rundown for this year. We're excited, and we hope you are too! See you on the gifting field.

Warpaint Banking is now available

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With the release of Jungle Inferno, War Paints are a hot new commodity. It makes sense; the ability to choose which item you get from your skin makes trading War Paints simple and reasonable.

Naturally, this makes Warpaint Banking a natural fit for ScrapTF! Part of our Skinbanking service, you can now buy and sell War Paint right on ScrapTF -- and for a very competitive price. You can also inspect any item and preview how that exact skin will look. Neato confirmed.

Please note that as the update is still quite fresh, the War Paint economy is young. Many of these items are not yet tradable due to the 7-day trade delay (which, of course, you can avoid by shopping on :~) ), so we'll be keeping a close eye on any new developments.


A Splash of Color

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Some new personalization features have just been released!

For Premium Plus users, you can now set an image as your profile background like this:

There is a lot of control over how your background image is sized and positioned. You can use this as a full wallpaper like I am or place an image in any corner as an icon. To better view your background there is also a setting to make your profile boxes slightly transparent. This feature is only available to premium plus and super premium users. You can buy that using PayPal or TF2 items at

There's also a great new feature for everyone! We now have a built in dark theme for the site:


And one more settings change for everyone, your site background color is now separate from your profile background color. These two settings are still available for all users.

Check out these new settings and more at and be on the lookout for new personalization settings coming soon.