ScrapTF Secret Santa 2017

The third annual ScrapTF Secret Santa

The Supercharged Secretest Santa

The ScrapTF Secret Santa 2017 is a giant, automatic secret santa powered by ScrapTF's best-in-class trade bots. The entire process -- from entering the event, receiving your matches, communicating (anonymously!) with your matches, and gifting and withdrawing your items -- is all handled by ScrapTF. All you need to do is show up!

Signup Surety

To prevent participants from forgetting they signed up (and unintentionally grinching their recipients), all participants will need to confirm their entry within 24 hours of the gifting period starting. On December 1st, signups will close, and the confirmation period will begin. You'll simply need to return to ScrapTF on December 1st and confirm your signup, after which you will receive a match. Be warned: if you don't confirm within 24 hours, you will unfortunately not receive a match.

Festive Forgiveness

This year, we will be forgiving all past grinches and allowing them to participate in this year's event. However, this is the final year we will extend this forgiveness. Because you will be confirming your entry after signups closed, you are fully expected to give a gift. Any grinches this year will not be allowed to participate in future years.

All Automated

Nobody likes hunting people down to give them their gifts -- so let us do it for you. We'll automate the entire trade process; simply deposit your items, and we'll do the rest. To receive your gift, simply withdraw from ScrapTF! There's no need to wait a month for your secret santa to accept your friend request -- if they ever do.

Super Secret

You can chat in real-time with both your secret santa (the person giving you a gift) and the recipient of your gifts. You're able to see the profile of the person you're gifting to, but you can't see the identity of your secret santa. Ask them any questions you want, find out what they like, and get them a personalized gift!


If your gifter is a grinch and doesn't gift you an item, have no fear! You'll be automatically rematched with someone who's willing and able to give you a gift.
Note: if you sign up and don't give a gift, you won't be able to participate in future events.

Greedy Grinches

Because the process is automated, we can automatically ensure that if you sign up and do not give a gift, you will not receive one. The gift will instead be returned to your gifter, and you'll have only made the world a slightly worse place.
Please note that the same does not apply if you don't receive a gift. If you give someone a gift, but do not receive one, your gift will still be delivered -- no need to start a chain of unhappiness!

Start, Signup, Confirmation, and Unwrapping Dates

Signups open November 2nd, 2017 and close the morning (00:00 EST) of December 1st, 2017. After signups close, you will have 24 hours to confirm your signup and receive a match. After receiving a match, you'll need to deposit your gift by the morning of December 18th, 2017. On December 25th or later, you can unwrap your presents!