Scrap to Unusual Redemption #13: The House is on Fire

Beginning Inventory: ~3 keys, 41.55 ref (currency, vaccinators, crates, robot parts, noise makers)

Ending Inventory: ~3 keys, 54.44 ref (currency, vaccinators, crates, skins, noise makers)

Trades Made: 7

Total Trades Made: 441

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I returned from vacation today, only to find trading down and the Steam servers in flames due to the beginning of the 2022 Summer Sale. If you aren't already aware, you can claim a free trading card every day of the sale, plus you can complete a game scavenger hunt to earn a badge and some miscellaneous stuff for your Steam profile. So go do that if you're interested!

Anyway, I managed to make decent profit in just 7 trades despite this interruption. However, to be honest with you I'm not satisfied with my current pace at this point in the challenge. Refreshing trade sites for underpriced items (which is pretty much the only method I'm using at this point) works well, but it doesn't really scale with my inventory value. I have 3+ keys in value going unutilized currently, since there's just never 3 keys worth of underpriced stuff to buy. I'm wasting time and losing out on potential profit simply because I'm too lazy to innovate new methods of trading. 

So after this raffle goes up, I'm going to revise my strategy and go out hunting for stuff to buy and auction off. I'm going to try to turn up the heat and put my entire inventory value to use in the interest of completing this challenge as quickly as possible (or at least relatively quickly). And, just to keep it interesting, I'm going to place an additional stipulation on myself.

If I do not complete this challenge within 20 days, i.e. 7 days from today, I will raffle an additional unusual along with the original unusual I promised at the beginning of this series.

My last scrap to unusual took me 3 weeks (aka roughly 21 days), and if I can't beat that time while already having made nearly 100 more trades this time, IDK what I'm even doing. So starting today, it's game on.

Anyway, it's funny wholesome question time! :) So, what games are you guys buying while they're on sale?
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