How the Spy Stole Smissmas - Day 6

How unfortunate that I - the beloved Spy - am sick
And such circumstances caused me to make Day 6 miss
Though a bit of blood and vomit won't stop my tricks
For forgetting my target would be remiss
On the night before now in the shadows before dawn
An entity of chaos from the kingdom of clouds
A labor of love's pure artifact spawned
My plans for Hatebi must be avowed
No tricks, or theft, no misery at play
Rather opting for a different display
Something much worse will be done in its stead
An act of true hatred and their longing dread
Creeping through the home of classy taste
Avoiding devices of pain and malice derived
And went up to Hatebi with his gift placed
Giving them nothing but a simple high five
For that is the one thing they hate across all the land
Never wishing to admit to slapping the Spy's hand
The King of ScrapTF
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Well then
The Predecessor How about a well loved, yet fairly recent playing card imp who has a bike with flames coming out? :D
♥ Hatebi ♥ Luke's admitted that I'm a better Shovel Boi than him, and every round of VSH is me leaving you alive last, attempting to high-five you, you shooting me once with a crit in defiance, and me killing you. Every time. And doors mean nothing to a Spy who can literally track down a demonic cat creature who signs contracts and an undead rabbit mage who tried to take over the site
Fake. My door was locked, and I have no windows. Also, not only am I better at VSH, Luke is as well.
Spy.... Please
*Insert french laugh here*
The Predecessor Tell him urself that but not me
Funniezept All Bigfoot ever does is hide in the corner on 2Fort Desk with his Brass Beast revved up, and then I thread the needle and stomp him
The Predecessor Hey bigfoot made me do it ok not me
Funniezept The only place where the Mantreads are even feasibly useful are on Dust Showdown and CP Orange. But meme all you like, I always top-score as Shovel Boi, and then promptly survive to the end of the round where the crit boosting is worthless since it's the Cow Mangler, but I don't use it since a real man flies in shovel-first. I'm the best shovel boi
Mestral Referring to the stats in VSH, which gives it custom stats. So nah.
Funniezept Air Strike >>>>>>>>>>> Liberty Crutch
You missed 7 woops
You monster
blood? go see a hospital dude, that doesn't sound healthy at all
Funniezept The Mantreads' larger blast force makes trolldiering worse due to the larger and faster jumps giving a smaller window for smacking the Hale while also severely limiting your options for horizontal jumps. The larger jumps are also useless due to the smaller size of most maps while the Gunboats' reduced blast damage boost survivability. The Mantreads' stomp lacks the bounce from a normal goomba stomp and can put you in an unfavorable position upon landing one. Cow Mangler's infinite ammo and normal rocket speed allows for better rocket jumping and for other classes like Engies to get ammo packs you'd normally hog. My playstyle in better, I am the best shovel boi
High five slap!
Virgin predecessor vs the chad luke009
thx for your raffle



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