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Sep 5th, 2013
Greetings, I am the Predecessor. I am ScrapTF's king, spy, and officially "that guy".
I'm literally the only person on this site who tips raffles that actually deserve them.
Please do not add me unless I happen to know you. If you need to contact me, just state your reasoning on my profile.

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Posted: 12,290
On Profile: 1,721
Given: 27,250
Received: 2,845
Public Raffles
Created: 3,429
Entered: 79,360
Won: 380
Puzzle Raffles
Created: 12
Entered: 109
Won: 9
Private Raffles
Created: 1,409
Entered: 8,781
Won: 249
Created: 529
Entered: 132
Won: 102