About Scrap.tf

First of all, please make sure that the issue you want to discuss is urgent!
This is because we have, on average, 30,000 trades taking place per day, so if for example your trade failed, help can be sought through our help center (the one you are viewing right now!), dedicated help forum or live support chat (if available). This is much more preferable than contacting us directly, which only serves to hinder our work.

Our staff do not wish to be personally contacted by any users. However, if you urgently need to contact us to disclose a security vulnerability or other critical issue(s) with the site, please email admin@scrap.tf with the details and you should receive a response within a day.

Most of the time we are not looking for any new staff members. If we are ever accepting new applications an announcement will be posted in our raffles section.

Yes, you can! For more information please enter live support and ask your possible future peers! If you would like to join, please fill out the following form.It is highly recommended to be a regular user of our community and site, so that you are familiar with the way Scrap.TF works, the way trading works, and any common issues that might occur.