Introducing CS:GO Skin Banking


We're proud to announce that starting today, you can now buy and sell skins for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive! We first promised CS:GO support in our blog post, Looking Forward to 2017, and less than a month later we're delivering on that promise. This is only the start: we'll be adding support for more kinds of CS:GO items, and iterating on the way we handle them, in the coming months.


CS:GO Skinbanking

The CS:GO Skinbanking Page


Buying and Selling Skins

To buy or sell skins, head over to the CS:GO Skinbanking page, and choose to either buy or sell skins. When selling skins to us, we will pay you in Team Fortress 2 Crate Keys and Refined Metal (and will soon be adding support for CS:GO keys as well). When purchasing skins, you may also offer your own skins to sell at the same time -- and if your offered skins are equal or above the price of the skins you're purchasing, you won't need any TF2 items to trade at all.

To assist with finding exactly the skins you want, StatTrak items are displayed above all non-StatTrak items. Skins are sorted in descending order of rarity, and then price -- so a Classified skin will always be displayed before a Restricted skin, but a 2 key Restricted skin will appear before a 1 key Restricted skin. You can also use the search bar to search for text phrases in the name or description of the skins displayed.

The Future

Currently, this is a skins-for-TF2-items (and vice versa) service. But why stop there? In the near future, we will allow you to pay with CS:GO Case Keys, and will be implementing systems to allow you to cover the small differences in price without needing to pay with TF2 items. We will, of course, still support TF2 items as well.

We will also be increasing the range of skins that we accept. Currently, we deal in skins below a certain value, but we will be rapidly expanding the limit as we nail down the specifics of our skin pricing system. In addition, we will be adding CS:GO Knife Support, so you can buy and sell your knives on the most convenient Steam Trading website ever made.

We're committed to providing the absolute best service for all of our customers, regardless of which games they play or trade in. The future of ScrapTF is one that has something for everyone -- and is still the fastest and most efficient automated trading website in existence.


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