TF2 Summer Jam 2019

A 72-hour content creation Jam bringing together all facets of the Team Fortress community, raising funds for The Trevor Project.

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So far, ScrapTF Item Donations have raised $1,135.94 for The Trevor Project!

Come on and slam, and donate to the Jam!

The annual TF2 Summer Jam, hosted by TF2Maps, is back for another year in support of The Trevor Project!

Starting August 2nd, 6PM GMT, the Summer Jam kicks off 72 hours of action-packed fun and creativity from the the Team Fortress community. Art, cosmetic items, maps, textures, music, fanfiction, and everything else under the sun come together to form hundreds of submissions from talented individuals all over the world. Want to take part and celebrate the Team Fortress community? Find more information at the links below!

Cash Donation Page

TF2Maps Discord

TF2Maps Jam Thread

TF2Maps Twitter

Give a little, get a Medal

Praise the sun and raise some funds with the unique in-game Ray of Sunshine medal!

Those who donate a minimum of $5 USD will receive a medal, but don’t let us stop you there! This year’s medal is created by veteran Workshop Contributors Zoey and Void, with additional concept art by TF2Maps’ very own 14bit. While we love and cherish every donation we get, please keep in mind that medals are limited to one per donor!

How does it work?

When an item is donated, ScrapTF stores the cash value of your donation at the time it was made. This stored value will not change, even if the item's value later fluctuates due to the economy. ScrapTF then transfers the items to a TF2Maps-specific MarketplaceTF account, and sells the items for their stored cash values. In the event that the item is sold for a higher price than initially listed, the full sale value will be still donated.

Neither ScrapTF nor TF2Maps takes any portion of the donations. However, a 2% fee is taken from each item's sale value to cover the fee from the payment processors that ScrapTF uses. This fee is actually slightly higher than 2%, but ScrapTF takes that small hit to maximize the amount of money going to the charity. As an example, if a key sells for $2.00, the fee will be $0.04, and the final donated value will be $1.96.

Since the items will take time to sell, ScrapTF will periodically send a payout from the TF2Maps account that is sent to directly to The Trevor Project. No one from TF2Maps will handle any item donations or their cash values, so you can rest easy.

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