Team Mar Bar

10 reasons why you should not join team Jupiter. (number 4 will surprise you)
Men these are the facts as I know them!

1. They are very gassy

2. They have shrek

3. They are outside of the asteroid belt

4. (Pretend to be surprised)

5. If they explode they will create another star which will create a gravitational pull that will make our orbit really weird and that is bad.

6. They don’t have cookies

7. They don’t have food

8. Team Mars has cookies

9. Team Cuddles took over Uranus

10. Team Hugs took over MyAnus
Which Team is the best?
Team Mars: 13
Those are all the teams: 6
Team Hugs: 5
Team Jup-Mars: 4
Team Cuddles: 1
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464 / 42,069
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One Winner
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It was started on 1555358702
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