Daily Nonsense #315

Hello, governor! Glad to meet ya again!

I don’t understand what goes on at the library sometimes. Neither are kids that are 3-5 years old. Sure the world is changing and all that, but I would have the right to question why some kids last night knew a term they were yelling out, thinking it was funny and laughing out loud constantly, but really has racist remarks and meanings to it; while today some guy was about to get prosecuted out of the library by the place of he didn’t leave, yet the whole building had to be on lock down because the guy ran off and started to play hide and seek around the building. So yeah, quite eventful on what goes on, even if it makes no sense...

Woke up this morning next to a door with a screaming cat, because now he wants me to wake up every morning. I’m just surprised it’s starting now again and not earlier, like he gave up that antic a long time ago. Also, I’m currently on a quest to trade off some of my inventory and my goal is to get rid of it by the end of this month through people I have never met before. Long way to go, and almost could’ve finished today if not for this one guy wanting me to trade all the rest of them for his weapon skins. Not even close to a good deal. I dunno what they were thinking

I’ve already got ideas on this year’s Swissmas celebrations, but it’s not going to be easy. Besides, just a few more days till we get assigned Secret Santa’s! 
When youd be walking through, that door...
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