Ranking Mega Man 8 Robot Masters #9: Grenade Man Edition

Crush everyone! Hahahaha! Stage: Do you like the color green? No? Oh. There's worms dropping from the ceiling, and also cannons, along with bomb platforms that explode when shot at enough times. Also Battons, and flying cannons.   There's different types of bomb platforms, which I think take more shots to destroy, but I don't know. After that kinda long beginning section, you have to destroy blocks to get to the bottom of the section, and some have physics, so if a block is destroyed beneath them, they'll fall. You can also get a bolt if you destroy the right series of blocks, which also has count bombs. There's also a walking count bomb, which I think is kinda silly. Oh boy, do you like jumping over large pits while you're being bombed, and shit's coming from the pits, and there's Joes throwing grenades, and AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-oh hey a mini boss. It's an eye with a shield of trash, and it throws the trash, and it bounces it around, and it's just okay I suppose. STOP! Hammer time.  Oh boy, more count bombs and Joes. Okay, this part is stressful. There's bombs blowing up behind you and you have to out run it, but there's stuff to grab, and I want to grab it. But if I do try to grab it I might die and AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-okay I'll calm down. Did I mention there's fire Mets now? They don't shoot, and they look cool, they just have fire on their heads. There's one last section before we finish this series up with our last boss. Fight: I love this fight as well. Grenade Man will throw grenades, rush across the floor, shoot Flash Bombs from the walls or straight at you, rain down random junk from the ceiling, and he can change the room layout when he's at a certain amount of health. It's fast, frantic. and a whole lot of fun. Weapon: Flash Bomb is a bomb that blows up upon contact with another surface or an enemy, and then leaves a lingering explosion that does damage over time, and sounds really cool.
Lookin' for a complication.
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