TF2: Gone International #4

She was craving Korean BBQ or any kind of Korean food for that matter. She wondered if this town had a Korean restaurant. Of course it didn't. So she had to ask the locals.
All of them recommended the same place, which was a local fast food restaurant/convenience store/gas station called "Schneider's". The original owner, Max Schneider, opened it up on April 20th, 1997. The business started off with a small convenience store, then gradually into a full service gas station, and finally, it included their own fast food restaurant. The employees were all friends of his and his son Terry also worked there. Terry's friends from high school all worked there too. Those being Damon Cornish, Elmo Price, and Trevor Watson, we'll get back to him in a minute. Terry inherited the business in 2001 after Max's death. Although Terry was a bit too young to run the place himself, he somehow managed to run it successfully by the time 2002 came around.
Soon, Hana found the place she was looking for. She really hated the smell of gasoline and was relieved once she entered the restaurant. Even though it was a basic fast food joint, the interior was surprisingly nice and clean. Romantic music was also being played quietly in the background. She walked up to the counter and waited. She could see what was going on in the kitchen. In there was the cashier, who just so happened to be Trevor. He's doing double duty today, I guess.
Hana suddenly couldn't keep her eyes off of him. She thought he looked hot, even though he had that shit hairdo. He got out of the kitchen and was ready to take her order.
"Welcome to Schneider's, can I take... your... order?" He said right as he looked right at her.
Uh oh, I think they're both in a trance or something, now they're staring into each other's eyes, menacingly! At first it looked like they were having a staring contest, but it became very obvious that they were both into each other. Uh... it's been five minutes and they're still staring at each other pretty intensely. Snap out of it, you two! After the romantic music stopped, Eminem's "The Real Slim Shady" started playing loudly. It killed Trevor and Hana's mood immediately and the two snapped back to reality. They felt lost for a moment, until Hana remembered why she came here in the first place.
"Uh... do you guys serve Korean food?" She asked, a bit awkwardly.
"No, the closest thing we got to Korean food here is sushi." He responded.
"I could go for some sushi right now." Hana said. "What would you recommend?"
"The California Roll. Everyone here loves it." he said
"I'll have that and a chai tea, please." she said
"Coming right up." he said
Trevor walked into the kitchen and started prepping her order. He dumped some white rice onto the rice cooker and waited for it to finish. While he waited, he and Hana began flirting with each other. They made small talk and laughed at each others' random jokes. Trevor had no idea that he was flirting with a celebrity. He thought she was just some ordinary girl. Oh, and he was so distracted by her that a fire had broken out in the kitchen.
"Oh shit! Not again!" He shouted.
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