The Useful, The Useless, and The Interesting! A Facts Raffle Series #30

Nothin' much to say here, but still excited bout my new profile pic :3 , while Soaring is busy trying to guess stuff about me as i am typing. 
Stitcher_Geralf: The heavy may seem to have a massive health pool, but in fact, three out of the other nine classes can kill him in one attack! The sniper can use a charged headshot, the spy can backstab, the demo can use stickies (I count that as one attack :3)
Sekker: The Classic and the Huntsman are the only sniper primary's that have a specific achievement for them.
Sekker: The Classic is based on the Heckler & Koch G36 with a longer barrel and a laser sight
Pillzman's Fox: If you charge the classic and crouch, there is a chance for the laser dot to be removed from the weapon and floating above the weapon.  
Waifu_Whaler: Here is something regarding scout's wank waifu doll: She holds clipboard with a doodle of Miss Pauling with hearts around her head, and text that reads "Scout is the best of the Teufort nine and he definitely deserves a pay rise and all the chicks in the world.", here. (Wank doll, now that'd be something)
TF2 Medic: Before the Blutsauger got the -2 health per second effect which only affects self-heal. It only had no random crits as a downside before it was replaced
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Jason Farqiour Actually, i won't run out anytime soon but thanks!
Well,thats one more fact to remember about scout..the only character that I have a handsome-looking loadout for :D
There is a chance when playing offline (or when the item server's come back after being in maintence) that the Engineer's gloved right hand will show instead of his gunslinger hand (if gunsliner is equiped) A similar glitch can occur where the engineer's right hand will be the gunslinger and hold a wrench as well
Well I'm enjoying the facts. Have a tip so you don't run out of scrap to raffle facts.
Balancing at its finest,add no random crits, Did you know when the power jack was released it had a +25% damage buff,and no random crits
In Meet the Demo, the Demoman runs out of blu spawn, even though he is o red team
The classic is such a crafty weapon. Assault rifle turned experimental sniper rifle.
❤Frosty Dipshit❤ I almost gave up every 3 mins but who knew I would make it this far XD
Shiina He figured it out after 30 mins of guessing in steam chat
No random crits!!! It's too underpowered!!



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