Recurring Raffle #1 (Read Description For Bonus Content)

To celebrate 1,000 raffles entered, I am going to start a little experiment. This might start a series of raffles, but that is up to you. It will start with one scrap in this raffle.

Here are the most important things to note:

1) This raffle is reoccurring. The raffles I do in the future for this series will have the same rules.
2) 1 tip in current raffle = 1 scrap in next raffle
3) 3 tips in current raffle = 1 reclaimed in next raffle
4) 9 tips in current raffle = 1 refined in next raffle
5) 450 tips in current raffle = 1 key in next raffle

If I don't get any tips on a raffle, then the series will end. However, If I get 6000 tips on a single raffle, I will give away my Accursed Bucking Bronco (Unusual Taunt) on the next raffle. Of course you can feel free to check my backpack on to make sure I actually have all of this.
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