Daily Topic #386

Rules and conditions for the Refined metal prize can be found in Daily Topic #57 at any time, same as always.

Today's topic question is: Would you rather have Magnetism Manipulation or Water Manipulation?

For me, I would go with Magnetism Manipulation as it would likely be overall more convenient and useful for me. 
With magnetism manipulation, I could control any object made up of metal, gain the ability to fly by gliding along the Earth's natural magnetic lines of force using magnetism, be able to generate powerful Magnetic Force-Fields, gain superhuman stamina and strength by by drawing on Earth’s magnetic field and even possibly be able to take control of a person's body by controlling the traces of iron within organic matter, depending on my level of power. 

It would also be quite convenient in everyday tasks and life as I could easily get many objects from hard to reach places, catch objects before they fall to the ground, easily win any fight without too much effort if I wanted or needed to, do lots of cleaning and cooking without having to ever get either of my hands dirty, be able to perform many real magic tricks and lift extremely heavy things with ease. I could also save countless lives by stopping buildings and other structures from collapsing, suspend bullets in mid-air and disarm opponents with just a wave of my hand.
While water manipulation could be great, the possibilities with magnetism manipulation would be endless.

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Would you rather have Magnetism Manipulation or Water Manipulation?
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