Mario Maker 2 Direct

I usually only make raffles about regular directs, but I'll make an exception for MM2. 

I thought the direct was pretty good. A lot of the things they showed off were things we already knew about, but it had enough new content to justify its own mini direct. 

It looks like just about all of my few criticisms of Mario Maker 1 have been addressed. The only things I thought MM1 was lacking in were bosses and themes, both of which are being expanded upon in MM2. 

The story mode was unexpected, but a nice addition. It seems just like a normal 2D Mario game, but with more creative level design. 

The best thing revealed in the direct wasn't even directly stated. When they start showing off the 3D World style, they briefly show a separate box labeled "Extra Game Styles". I'd say it's almost guaranteed that they will be added more styles, either as free updates or DLC. Personally, I'm hoping for Sunshine, though Mario 2 and Odyssey would both be rad too.

The Direct
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