So, I watched Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

[spoilers ahoy!]
First off, I gotta admit that I watched this on accident thinking it's the original and not the sequel, yeah, I'm dumb like that. Anyway, might as well review it: reminiscent of the original 'Sin City', it's a heavily stylized black-n-white crime thriller divided into separate, but interconnected, stories. In this film, you follow the stories of Dwight McCarthy and his quest to either reject or embrace his past love, who had abandoned him for some rich snob; Johnny, a prodigy gambler and the illegitimate son of Senator Roark, who sets off to crush his father at poker, but in the process, has his life falling apart and his love killed; and finally, Nancy Callahan, a stripper who wallows in despair over letting the previous film's MC die and is hellbent on getting Roark killed (at least from I gathered, I haven't watched the original, remember?). Each character narrates their thought process through their stories, and you get to feel as you're living their through their own personal hell in the seedy, disgusting place that is Sin City. Right, story aside, let's move onto setting: goddamn, this film is aesthetic as fvck. And the over-the-top violence combined with the unique artstyle makes it even better! I was truly enjoying all the blood and gore go around, because it was that damn well-made, and the performances were not too shabby either (specially by the main "protagonists" played by Josh Brolin, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, etc.) I also really like how almost everybody is portrayed in gray, except for that one girl Johnny falls in love with who's in full color, signaling that she's just an innocent who's done nothing wrong, unlike everybody else. However, the praise ends here. Now, IDK if it's because I haven't seen the original and I'm missing out on some important plot-related stuff, but the stories didn't really click that much with me, and by the end, I was wondering when will it end: some of the characters' actions seemed senseless or pointless (especially that detective guy who falls in love with Ava). Also, small nitpick, but Marv being a bullet sponge and the goons just throwing themselves at him and not shooting him with the guns in their hands seemed really goofy to me. But aside from that, I overall enjoyed it, cool film! And yes, I'll watch the original this time, don't worry.
That's about all, have fun and bye bye
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