By The Fireside #52

Welcome back to the Fireside! Day off, did jack shit. A good day off imo. How was your day? If it's just started, or hasn't ended yet, then how is it so far? I've been looking at Hero's trailer a lot for some reason, he just looks incredibly interesting to me. His magic mechanic looks like a lot of fun, and it looks slick. I honestly can look past the fact that he's another swordfighter. He looks like a combination of Link, Shulk, and Robin by how he plays with the shield, magic, and whatnot. All his stuff looks fun, what else do you want me to say? I've been playing Joker out of a burning desire to play Persona 5 and finish a match with All-Out Attack, that shit feels great. I really wish P5 was on Switch and not this Scramble shit. This is why console exclusives piss me off. They keep good games from people that want to play them, and if you do want to play them the options are 1. get the console and game, 2. emulate the game, 3. be pissed about it but do nothing.
Slow how, you wanted it to be.
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