Dovarak Keyboard Layout Progress (Day 1)

I'm trying to learn how to type in the Dovarak Keyboard layout and attempt to get 80 WPM at 100% accuracy. I'm currently typing in the layout using a US QWERTY keyboard. Since Windows supports multiple keyboard layouts. I'm periodically going to to practice using the home row, but I'm not using it for the most part. I have a PNG overlayed on my screen right now of the layout using a program called PureRef, so I don't have to do extra stuff.

According to [url=]MonkeyType[/url], I currently have a WPM of 12 and an accuracy of 86%, typing 10 words on easy and without using the home row. I have only been using the Dovarak layout for 5 hours.

I'm doing this just to show off and make people very confused when they watch me type. I want this to be my default layout.
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