I made a dumb mistake while trading

So, I got this Schadenfreude from a friend for only 8 ref. I was pretty happy with it, but wanted to test out other taunts, so I make a trade with someone for a conga with this Schadenfreude. I test it a bit and then think "eh, Schadenfreude is better. I'll go trade this conga with someone for a Schadenfreude back" but it just so turns out that Conga is cheaper than Schadenfreude by 26 ref. With this huge gap in the middle, I tried selling my only 2 CS:GO skins, after all the game doesn't run on my computer anymore. That would give me 14 ref, making me just need to find some way to fill in the 12 refs gap, so I traded with a bot to get those sweet refs. But it just so turns out, I was caught on the April 5th-6th glitch where all trades just didn't work. When it worked back up, the trade was canceled by the bot, but my items disappeared and I didn't get any refs. Now I'm 26 refs in debt because I made the dumb mistake of getting a Conga with a Schadenfreude and depend on whoever can sacrifice 26 refs on bazaar.tf. Oh well, here's a ref to whoever is lucky enough to get it.
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