Spicy Hats #5

I'm writing a filler blurb because I can't think of something to say here right now.

Name: The Fed-Fightin' Fedora 

Description: This hat commemorates that time you stuck it on a broom and tricked the Feds into shooting at it for an hour while you scooted off with all that bank money. Goes great with all those bullet wounds in your torso from that time you pulled the same trick on much smarter Feds.

Worn by: Scout.

The Fed-Fightin' Fedora is a community created item for scout, (Contributed by [m00] Elbagast) that takes up the hat equip region. It is a beige fedora with a brown strap with multiple bullet holes. 
The Fed-Fightin' Fedora is worn by Force-A-Nature scout and Force-A-Nature Super Scout bots in Mann Vs. Machine mode.
It is paintable, comes in the qualities Unique, Strange, Unusual, and 
Collector's, and comes in levels 1-100

not much to say about it. It's good for themed sets and fits the art style very well. 
What do you think of The Fed-Fightin' Fedora?
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