Skins' Secrets #13

Hope Auctions come back soon, else I'll end up broke in terms of Metal.

Skin: Masked Mender
Collection: Concealed Killer
Grade: Mercenary

This is the first collection from Cases the theme this time is Camouflage of multiple colors and shapes.
We have the Masked Mender as the first skin, it features the Team Fortress logo which is going to be a common thing in some of these skins. There's a texture for a Blue variant too which looks a bit odd to me.
The texture is applied on both sides of the Medi Gun which means you can get the logo on the wraps as well as on the "tube" though as you could imagine, it's only really visible on the wraps, additionally, the texture can have multiple sizes.

This is a solid skin, I like the color scheme and the texture looks great, I also really like how the texture actually wraps on the wraps instead of just being applied on top of them, nice detail though unfortunately this makes it so it's really hard to get a full logo on them. 

Logo on wraps:
Logo on tube:

What do you think of the Skin?
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