The day has come

While readeing this u might want to listen to this song much better?

so recently idk if u know but i lost it all again...and before that i had really bad grades in school and had some really bad giving my best yet nothing happens at i figured i might as well end it all on a day...and that day is 20th february 2018....i really dont see a point in living anymore...all hope i had is lost....idk how i will do it but i will and idc if u report this post but.....i just want ppl to know about me and that u shouldent commit suicide....its never the anwser yet i still want to do it badly because i dont see a point in liveing....if i manage to make myselfe not do it by 20th...then il live a miserebel life....i already got back some items and fixed some of my grades...but still i dont think i need to do anything in my life....everithing i have done is a mess and i dont see myselfe doing anything right...conclusion? I might kms over school and digital should never do that but i have a feeling i should do it
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「 MHDD 」 It does help. I'm on meds for it.
SynTheDik sure thing just add me
can i talk to you personaly in steam
Ursy wont help
dude get help. please see a specialist !
Life is worth more than premature death. You are worth more than your absence. Even to yourself - as one day you will come to see. I did, 20 years later.
To be honest I don't think it's possible to talk someone out of depression over an online platform instead of a good face to face conversation, but I'll still try. Really like what the others have said, these things will become so insignificant as time passes. Please just hold on, I know it will be hard but for the love of God don't give up.
HolyMelonSeed im not good at the only thing that gave me hope....
To be honest, I'm not even sure if this is a serious post or no. In case it is, hear me out: what you described is not the reason. First of all, you never should lose hope in fixing something or getting it back. Second, those things aren't the most important in life. There is always something you'll be good at, so if you try your best to find your goal and achieve it
FeelMyWrath does it look like im trolling
600 may sound like a lot but in the future, you could earn that money back. You shouldn't kill your self because of some digital items.
Bro don't troll about shit like this, killing yourself over grades? Don't be stupid, you will regret this and cause so much suffering to your loved ones for no reason at all. Don't even joke about this shit
There are still some things left in this world such as exploring achieving your dreams and hope. Just pray to god and your heart will calm... because you know you're not alone :)



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