Welcome to Lucrio's gun shop!

Or rather, welcome to the local saloon! If ya don't remember last time I said I'd come on down here to tell y'all the story of how I got a magic ice shotgun into my possession: https://scrap.tf/raffles/0CY4WR

So anyways, here, have some whiskey, and take a listen. So I was wandering through the badlands on the trail to Hill Valley when I saw a light flashin' in a cave nearby. I thought I'd take a gander, and before I knew it I was peekin' over a rock at a group of wizards gathered in a circle. They were mostly wearin' strange colorful robes, except for one guy in the middle who had a poncho and hat that looked like they was glowin' all the colors of the rainbow...weird eh?

Anyways they began to huddle together whisperin' these unfamiliar words, and I noticed the shotgun lyin' up against a sack to my right. I hopped over the rock and snatched it before they had finished, but as I was sneakin' away I heard shouts and one of the wizards caught a glimpse of my face. I ran away as fast as I could, hearin' all these zapping sounds behind me of lightning bolts hittin' the rocks. And that's when I knew I had to give away the shotgun, I was in deep trouble if I didn't, yessiree!

Hey....wait a second...who are those guys outside?

Oh shoot! They've found me! Let's get outta here!
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