Got roasted by my tutor

Some of us are in the process of doing exams, or finals.

Some may have already finished, others not started yet, im in the middle.

Thing is, wont give details, but my school prepared me the equivalent to shit and Ive got to learn 95% of the things myself at home.
So im doing that, and its honestly the only thing that is keeping me from failing.

Problem is, they dont like that, by they I mean some teachers, my tutor, and some others.

So far ive only stayed 2 days at home to be able to study more the subject I wanted, but it was enough to start triggering people.
Today, in the middle of a class, my tutor started giving me a speech, pretty much roasting me and saying how I am "nobody to do that" and that I shouldnt be staying at home to study etc etc.

Speech went for 20 freaking minutes. I wanted to reply so badly but instead kept it to myself, why bother arguing with someone older than me when she always says the same "you cant argue with me since Ive got more years of experience than you"
And its true, wont deny that.

But well, last thing, in the middle of the speech, a classmate, this girl I talked about in some raffles ago which I said she wanted me dead? Well, she shouted something to me in the middle of the speech. "Ha! I told you!"
(Honeslty I didnt remember what she said)
But then I answered back with a 300 iq reply, and everyone in the class starting laughing at her.
Not because I insulted her back or anyting like that, but im very good at coming with rather clever and funy answers when people insult me. So instead of insulting back, I will come up with something real quick and make them look bad. Works most of the times.

After that, I did came home feeling bad anyways. Its already really hard to keep up with studies and familly problems, to now add up this to the list of great things.

Thanks for reading.
Just a lonely being
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