Thoughts on a loadout

Soooo. I have had a little guilty pleasure happening these past few weeks of "perfecting" my loadouts even it they are a little lavish. I want a few opinions on my Medic Loadout (Link). The main thing is I am thinking about getting rid of my strange heers helmet with 3 strange parts for an unusual vintage tyrolean, but can't decide on the effect. I don't want anything too lavish such as burning flames or Sunbeams, but something about 30 keys or lower. I was sort of leaning toward Cloud 9 but haven't made a decision yet. 

Regardless of what I choose to do (unless it is to keeps the Heers helmet), I will need to save up a bit. I have about 10 keys pure right now.

Also what is your favorite loadout you have? Mine are my Lightning Sniper Loadout and the medic loadout above. 
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