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Please help me if you can. Three days ago, I startet an auction with my " Bill's Hat (with paint)" and as it ended, the bot didn't accept the buyers bid. After the 24 hours I tried to withdraw my hat back to just sell it but it doesn't work.I can't find a solution for this. Of course I did some testing and changed my Trade URL and reloged in but nothing changed. I've never had such a problem before. In the past I already did some Auctions and it always worked with the side Inventory and with the withdrawing.Today I had the final Idea to deposit another Item for testing and with that Item it worked. I could easy deposit it and withdraw it back.So now maybe you can help me. My last Idea was that my "Bill's hat" is in a diffrent bot's inventory and the bot is offline all the time or the Hat is cursed because of the paint.If you can't help me I will put on a new Auction for the price and just ignore the possible profit of the paint and maybe someone else can get his bid through but I really dont want anyone to get trade banned (I think that's happening if you dont pay for you bid) if they can't  trade for the Hat.Please tell me if you have an idea. Thank you !I'm sorry for my bad englisch, im not a native speaker.
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