I love Red

Ok yeah, he comes off as a bit edgy, maybe even hates other people. But that's really up for interpretation. I personally see Red as a serious person, saving his words for things more serious than his passion for pokemon. Or maybe his vocal cords are really awful. But we're not here to talk about Red and Blue Red.

I'm gonna talk about my favorite pokemon series, Pokemon Origins.

Pokemon Origins is about the same journey through Kanto we are all so familiar with. But I really disliked how awful of a trainer Ash was so Origins is definitely my favorite version of the Gen 1 adventure. Ash was honestly just a lucky guy who barely scraped by in hardships in the early seasons of his show. Sure he had some things in him but it was just different from Red's demeanor. 

You know Red is a good trainer, I know he is, and he surely does as well. He is here to win, and I believe that's the mentality of what the in-game Red was all about. The difference between Ash and Red is that Ash treats his pokemon as his own spoiled kids while Red treats them as his own right hand.

That doesn't mean Red doesn't bond with his pokemon, he sure as hell loves them all. But never to the level of how far Ash will go, damn Butterfree why you gotta make me cry like this. I still have a place in my heart for Ash's pokemon journey, it's a close second. Third I mean right after Digimon.
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