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You know, until some point in my life, I was not very LGBT-friendly person, even very stupid kid. Because of affects of my upbringing and the environment where I was grown. But I surely remember that it wasn't like that for 100% - I always felt this thing, that not only girls are pretty in my mind.
For me, school kid back then, it was something absolutely unacceptable to be in more than typical platonic relationships with anyone besides girls. Althought my friends are almost always was only boys. I even has one girl in school, who was my crush - but then my priorities changed and now I really don't think that I was able to make a good connection with her. It was ONLY because she's female (which is acceptable in society of my country, no more options) and she was a good student with good grades - I didn't even knew her as a person, is that enough for explanation?
But then, everything rapidly changed - I've started to see that LGBTQ+ stuff is not something mythical or terrible. Started to seeing it in myself.
This is not a phase. It doesn't come with age. This will never change.
Althought my environment is highly LGBTQ+-hostile, I'm living with it by myself and not giving up. If I'll offended because of my orientation - I must protest. I will protect that part of my personality, because I will not anyone to break me down because of who I am. If you're experiencing same difficulties with accepting you by others and common society's pressure on you - I wishing you the best! Nothing can be higher than your own sense of completeness as a person.

See you soon
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