Help me choose my Medic loadout!

I like my current loadout, but I was messing with and made one that not only looks better in my opinion, but it also fits me better. I tried going for a cute and soft look (keep that in mind) rather than a badass look (like the current one).

There are a total of six and I would love to see what you guys think because I can't choose.

The cosmetics are basically the same, what changes the most are the paints.

Here's the images.

1 and 2 - Pink is my favorite color, and I just think black looks cool. An upside to this is that the Bruiser's Bandanna can be used in all classes, but it is more expensive and looks too badass.

3, 4 and 6 - An alternative for 1 and 2, it is cheaper and more casual looking, but the downside is that only Medic can use it.

5 - Same as 3 and 6, but, not only it looks more soft and calm, but it the cheapest one out of these six, because I don't need to bother with paints.

It's gonna take a long long time since the Balloonihoodie is 4 Keys (Yes, that's a lot for me), but I'll be worth it!

mdeic lodauot
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