Let's play The Walking Dead: Season One #16


Three weeks have passed since the last chapter. We are back at Macon with Kenny, scavenging for supplies. We agree with Kenny that the motel is not a safe place anymore, and that the supplies on the area are running out, meaning that we'll have to move eventually.

We arrive back at the drugstore from Chapter 1 (the street full of blood on the place where Doug died back then) and decide to enter it to take all the supplies we couldn't take during the walker attack last time. A helicopter crashed on the roof during the time skip, destroying the front door and the windows. The back door we used to escape last time is still there though, so we decide to climb over the trailer of a truck and enter through there. Kenny goes first, but the ladder of the trailer breaks after he finishes climbing. We see a jeep nearby with a winch that still works. We tie it to the trailer, and press the button, pulling the jeep near the trailer. As it moves, Kenny asks about Lilly, to which we remind him that he killed her dad. Also asks what Clementine thinks about taking the supplies from that car back them, which we answer that she hopefully understands why we did it.

Kenny offers his hand to help us climb the trailer, but, still hurt from the shot he got from Andy in the last chapter, he drops us, holding his side in pain as we fall on the jeep's hood. We stand up, and Kenny answers that he's fine. Before we can try again, a woman comes running from a building, being pursued by a small horde of walkers. We notice that she's already bitten. We quickly aim with our rifle. Kenny suggests that we leave her, as her screams will buy us more time to scavenge supplies while she deals with the walkers, while we think that we should put her out of her misery before the walkers devour her. What should we do?
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