Lets try this again

1. At my last raffle, the winner don't want the Furry Girl game. Says, he/she not into it and told me to give it to the one who replied him/her, but I see no one is there anymore. So Im doing this again. The raffle winner must add me for the game code.

2. Just encountered a scammer just now and I brutally roasted and owned him/her. Making them think twice of their existence. But dang, I forgot his/her name, so I cant report and block them because of my forgetful dumb brain.

3. The raffles is full of PISS and its SMELLY! Denki managed to brainwash the scrap community lol. Might do a piss quest later at my OWN WILL and no..... im not brainwashed like the others.
This readhead is mine
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