TF2 Workshop Review #9

Welcome, welcome. Here we are back in the tf2 workshop review laboratories where we scour the workshop to find only the best looking unusuals, warpaints, and cosmetics on the entire tf2 workshop. 

Today's unusual effect is one that I just couldn't pass up when I was making the last tf2 workshop review (as these are usually made in clumps where I queue them up in advance) This one is "Triangular Spectrum" ( This is a great effect that has various triangles come out of your head that circles around in rainbows of color. At first I want to clarify, though this might be a bit too much of an effect for some of you, I love anything flashy. This could be unusuals, bright warpaints, really anything, so of course this would appeal easily to me. I think this looks amazing, just the geometric design and all the fancy colors and everything, I would drop a few hundred dollars on one of these (if I had the money). Easy 7/7 for me

Now onto a different type of item and theme, today's warpaint this one is dubbed "Toon-Fortress!" ( This is what the name kind of implies, A cartoon themed warpaint with all the mercs in gray and lighter gray. I think this is a really good looking warpaint, while it is a bit too much going on I think it would fit on a couple of items, especially the ones that show off a lot of the paint like the black box. Good 6/7 only knocked down a point because its so crowded.

Last one we have up is the cosmetic as usual this one is the "Tropical Camo" ( For sniper. Its basically a flowery jacket for sniper that looks pretty good. I like how it looks with the loadouts shown on the listing and I think it could go pretty well with an overall tropical trip themed scheme. A good 6/7 in my books 
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