Blapature Co. Charity Bash 2018

A 24 Hour Charity Livestream featuring stars in the TF2 Community, raising money for Child's Play.

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So far, ScrapTF Item Donations have raised $11,716.98 for Child's Play!

Taking your hats, for the kids

To make avocado jam, you need to give them a good bash. The Blapature Co. Charity Bash is a 24 Hour Team Fortress 2 charity live stream, featuring a host of personalities from the Team Fortress 2 community. Last year we raised over $14,000 for Child's Play, and by popular demand we've partnered with ScrapTF this year to raise even more. Now you can donate TF2 items on top of direct cash, and marvel as your hats actually help fund video games for sick children.

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But what if I like my hats?

Well that's too bad, because we're taking them by force. Just kidding.

But if you do donate them, you can earn yourself an in-game TF2 item! Donate:

-At least $5 to receive the Blapature Co. Backer.

-At least $15 to receive the Blapature Co. Supporter.

-At least $25 to receive the highest accolade of the lot, The Blapature Co. Benefactor.

All of these medals were designed by the lovely Py-Bun, and we think they're pretty great. Do note you can only receive a single medal. We will send you the highest donation tier medal that you are eligible for.

So how does it work?

When an item is donated, ScrapTF stores the cash value of your donation at the time it was made. This stored value will not change, even if the item's value later fluctuates due to the economy. ScrapTF then transfers the items to a Blapature Co. specific MarketplaceTF account, and sells the items for their stored cash values. In the event that the item is sold for a higher price than initially listed, the full sale value will be still donated.

Neither ScrapTF nor Blapature Co. takes any portion of the donations. However, a 2% fee is taken from each item's sale value to cover the fee from the payment processors that ScrapTF uses. This fee is actually slightly higher than 2%, but ScrapTF takes that small hit to maximize the amount of money going to the charity. As an example, if a key sells for $2.00, the fee will be $0.04, and the final donated value will be $1.96.

Since the items will take time to sell, ScrapTF will periodically send a payout from the Blapature Co. account that is sent to directly to Child's Play. No one from Blapature Co. will handle any item donations or their cash values, so you can rest easy.

What items can I donate?

We accept any of the following items as donations. These items can be quickly sold, following which their market value will be donated to Child's Play.

Icon Item Donation Value
Icon Unusual Hats Variable
Icon Crate Key $1.96
Icon Earbuds $3.60
Icon Max's Severed Head $37.30
Icon Bill's Hat $3.30
Icon Tour of Duty Ticket $0.88
Icon H.O.U.W.A.R $160.00
Icon Golden Frying Pan $2,250.00
Icon Australium Axtinguisher $13.00
Icon Australium Wrench $48.50
Icon Australium Stickybomb Launcher $24.00
Icon Australium Eyelander $62.00
Icon Australium Tomislav $26.40
Icon Australium Force-a-Nature $18.00
Icon Australium Blutsauger $12.50
Icon Australium Rocket Launcher $60.00
Icon Australium Sniper Rifle $46.00
Icon Australium Scattergun $47.50
Icon Australium Knife $31.00
Icon Australium Medi Gun $54.00
Icon Australium Black Box $22.00
Icon Australium Flame Thrower $35.00
Icon Australium Minigun $37.50
Icon Australium Grenade Launcher $28.00
Icon Australium Ambassador $19.00
Icon Australium Frontier Justice $21.00
Icon Australium SMG $14.50

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