Frequently Asked Questions/Statements

How do I bank [bank name]?

Choose one of the buttons on the home page and read the instructions there. When you're finished, you'll be added to the queue where you'll wait your turn for the bot. When you're in the front of the queue the bot will add you on steam, accept it's friend request asap because you only have limited time. The bot will then send you a trade and give you instructions to finsh your bank.

I got kicked out of the queue!

If this happens it's because you either missed the friend/trade request or the trade failed somewhere along the way. You can also manually add the bot using the link inside the queue info box.

Someone is holding up the queue!

It's not that person's fault. Bots occasionally get stuck between people and need to be restarted. Or the bot could have gone offline.

I did not get a friend request from the bot!

You're probably stuck in a glitch then. Go to the bot's profile (It's linked when you're in the queue) then block and unblock them. Then add them to your friends list.

I did not get a trade request from the bot!

If you changed your password, you cannot use Steam Trading for 5 days. If you enabled Steam Guard recently, you need to wait 15 days until you can trade. If you use an "unknown new device" to log into Steam, trading will be disabled on that device for 15 days.
Please also ensure that you aren't offline or in another trade while it is your turn!
If nothing of this is true, its probably the case that Steam screwed up again. Just keep trying again until it works.

When I try to enqueue to a bot, it says my inventory is not public!

You need to set your community profile as well as your inventory to public (setting it just to "logged in users only" wont work!).
Open your steam profile, click on Edit Profile, then click on "My Privacy Settings" and select "Public - Viewable by anyone on the World-Wide Web" in both the "Profile Status" and "Inventory" sections. You don't need to disclose your Steam Gift inventory.
If you have done that, click the "redo validation" link in the warning message at the top.

Why do I get less than 1.33 Ref for my hat? Why do I have to pay more than 1.33 Ref for a hat?

The hat prices are variable depending on the current stocks of the bot you are trading with.
Check the list on the hats page, if a bot has less than 50 refined or 100 hats it will change the prices. We are also paying less for certain "cancerous" hats like Genuines, Robo-Hats or Ellis Caps.

The hat bot says it can buy 0 hats when its my turn.

The bots don't always have enough metal to buy hats. Sometimes more people want to sell hats than want to buy them. We don't manually put metal in the bots

I get the error "No bots are available to handle your request." when I try to sell hats.

That means all bots have no metal. Refer to the question above for the reason for the reason for that.

Why are some bots reported as scammers by the Steam Community?

There is a new feature which allows basically anyone to report an account for trade-scams. If enough people do this, the account will be automatically flagged.
This process is completely automatic and no human will review these reports, so its being abused by users who don't like us.

The bot scammed me!

If the bots gave you the wrong amount for your item, don't panic. Post in the refunds section and make sure to read the first stickied thread!

The bots just keep refusing to pay for my item I desperately try to get rid off. Why won't it being accepted?

Bots will refuse to trade certain items. You cannot sell uncraftable hats/miscs and items listed here to the hat-banking bots. If you trade with the item bots, check the list of items they accept.

Someone cut me in line.

We have something called Priority. This is a subscription based system for you to get a trade faster. You can read more about it on the page. Basically, priority people cut non-priority people.

Can I bank stranges or vintages here?

Not really. Some more expensive stranges can be banked through item banking, and any others can be banked as normal weapons via scrapbanking. Strange and vintage prices vary too much to make it a full banking service.

I can't find my question here!

Feel free to post on the forums in the help section. Someone should help you there.

Trading Limits

There is a limit on how many items can be traded to the bots per trade. You can raise your limit by donating to the site or subscribing to priority. For every $1 you donate to Scrap.TF, you raise your limit by 2 in all categories.

Live Support

In case you are still lost, you can use our Live Support Chat, if available. Read more about it here!