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Hat Banking

Choose one of the bots from the list below to buy,
or click Sell Hats to sell for listed prices.

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You can buy 60 hats at once.
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Hat Prices:

Icon Item Price to buy Price we buy
Uncraftable Hats/Miscs
List of hats we do not accept
1.11 Refined 1 Refined
Craftable Hats/Miscs (exceptions apply!)
List of hats we do not accept
1.22 Refined
(1.33 Ref if bot has < 100 hats)
1.22 Refined
(1.11 if bot has < 50 raw refined)
Robotic Boogalo Hats/Miscs
MvM-Loot Robo-Hats/Miscs
1.22 Refined 1.11 Refined
Ellis' Caps 1.22 Refined 0.88 Refined