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Site Rules

  1. Services
    1. All users must not have a dirty reputation, such as active SteamRep bans.
    2. Exploiting the service, via scripts, external tools, bug-abusing, automation or other automated methods is forbidden.
    3. Trying to intentionally disrupt our service, such as blocking queues, exploiting bugs, or other attacks will lead a permanent ban.
    4. The website is not the same as this website. You may not ask for support or ask questions here.
  2. Bot Issues
    1. It is the users' responsibility to make sure the trade is correct. Do not accept bot-trades containing miscounted, wrong or no items at all.
    2. Bots are prone to malfunction. We apologize for any issues, but we ask you not to annoy us with senseless and unproductive complaints.
    3. Bots can not be "filled" by the staff. All bots are filled by user trades. For example, the hat bots will only get more metal if more users buy more hats.
    4. Refunds can be requested in the event of a bad trade. Use the refunds section of our forum and read the guidelines there.
    5. You must provide the proper proof in order for the staff to fulfill all refunds. Providing fake or incorrect proof will lead to a site-ban.
    6. Refund threads will be locked once completed or if sufficient proof is not provided.
  3. All Community (Chat, forums, servers, and comments)
    1. Your avatar must not contain any suggestive, questionable or explicit material. Avatars are up to the discretion of staff, but final decisions made by site owners only. Offenses will result in the removal of your avatar privileges and a report to the Steam Community.
    2. Asking for help, telling users to hurry up, yelling at users, or other complaining in comments will lead to a community-ban.
    3. Posting malicious URLs including phishing links, Steam Wallet scams, shock links, or other scams will result in a site-ban.
    4. All community sections are not for trolling, spamming, fake raffling, trading, advertising, or offering illegal activities. Doing so will lead to a community-ban.
    5. Posting of any personal information without the owners consent is forbidden.
    6. Explicit, flashing or seizure-inducing material is not allowed. Posting will lead to a kick from chat or community-ban.
    7. Begging for any items, games, or money is not allowed anywhere on site.
    8. Use common sense and think about what you are going to do! If you think you get punished for it, just refrain from doing it.
  4. Chat
    1. Without reading these rules fully you will not be given the right to post links, post videos, raffle items, or join rooms other than #home and #support.
    2. Help and Support may only be given in the #support room. Type /support to check if live-support is currently available. Users asking for support in other rooms will be kicked.
    3. Occasional role-playing is allowed in the #home room. Other rooms are provided for these activities.
    4. Immature behavior, trolling, or acting obscene will lead to a kick or community-ban.
    5. Bypassing the word filter is not allowed. You will be given 1 warning at first, then a kick or community-ban if you continue.
    6. Posting of illegal content will lead to a permanent site-ban. We may also report you to your local authorities if we feel the need.
  5. Important Notes
    1. The owners reserve the right to ban you for any reason and for any amount of time.
    2. Staff decisions cannot be questioned. Reasons for punishment do not have to be said and should remain private.
    3. You must listen to all . They have control over your access to this site and its services.
    4. All shall use their own discretion to provide punishment. If you think you received an unfair ban, please make an Appeal.
    5. By using this site, you agree to these terms and conditions and you must click here to confirm reading the rules.
  6. Definitions
    • Trolling - The act of trying to annoy/anger others for self pleasure.
    • Obscene - Behavior or content that is unacceptable in a public location and would be found "offensive" by the average person.
    • Questionable - Anything which contains sexual content such as exposed or strategically covered nipples or nudity on human characters, fetish material (if it's not explicit and still overtly sexual), sloppy kissing, groping, (including characters in sexy poses/outfits).
    • Explicit - Content which contains gore, exposed genitals, implied or overt sexual acts, even without visible genitals, or masturbation.
    • Personal Information - Real names, phone numbers, addresses, self pictures, or other content that can lead to locating the person.
    • Owners - The owners of Scrap.TF, and .
    • - The Moderators, Administrators and Developers that run this site and who have final say in all matters. All of them are listed on the About Page
    • See's definition of tags for more detailed explanations of what we define questionable and explicit material as.

Please make sure you really read the rules before accepting. Thanks!