Site Rules

  1. Service
    1. All users must not have a dirty reputation, such as SteamRep bans.
    2. Exploiting the service, via scripts, external tools, bugusing, automation or other methods is forbidden.
    3. Trying to disrupt our service will result in a permanent ban.
  2. Bot Issues
    1. It is the users responsibility to make sure the trade is correct. Do not accept bot-trades containing miscounted, wrong or no items at all.
    2. Bots are prone to malfunction. We apologize for any issues, but we ask you not to annoy us with senseless and unproductive complaints.
    3. Refunds can be requested in the event of a bad trade. Use the refunds section of our forum and read the guidelines there!
  3. Community
    1. Chat, Comments, and Forums shall remain free of NSFW content and offensive or immature behavior.
    2. Posting malicious URLs or bypassing security measures will result in ban.
    3. Help and support in chat only in the support room! Type /support to check if live-support is currently available.
    4. Chat and Comments are not for trolling, spam, fake raffles, trading, advertising, or illegal activities.
    5. Use common sense and think about what you are going to do! If you think you get punished for it, just refrain from doing it.
  4. Important Notes
    1. may use discretion to determine if content falls under obscenity, trolling, or NSFW.
    2. shall use their own discretion to provide punishment. If you receive an unfair ban, please make an Appeal.
    3. By using this site, you agree to these terms and conditions and you must click here to confirm reading the rules.
  5. Definitions
    • Trolling - The act of trying to annoy/anger others for self pleasure.
    • Obscene - Behaviour or content that is unacceptable in a public location and would be found "offensive" by the average person.
    • NSFW - Content such as images, audio, video, or text, that depict gore, nudity, and/or other mature content.
    • - The Mods, Admins and Devs that run this site and who have final say in all matters.

Thanks to Lunacar for remaking the rules.

Please make sure you really read the rules before accepting. Thanks!