Titanium Tank: Reforged

A charity event from Potato's MvM Servers

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So far, ScrapTF Item Donations have raised $7,227.08 for this event!

Potato's MvM Servers is benefiting

IRONAID, a program of the IRONMAN Foundation®

Donating $5 will award you an in-game Gilded Giver donor medal!

Donating $10 will award you an in-game Chromatic Cardioid donor medal!

To earn both donor medals, donate $15 or more.

All donors who donate $5 or more will earn a spot on our Charity Donors Wall of Fame!

The following items can be donated:
Click here to donate by credit/debit card instead!

The medals are not yet in the game. Valve will add them in a future TF2 update.

Once they've been added, please allow 1 minute after donating to receive your donor medal[s].

Thank you for your kind generosity!

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