TFConnect 2021

A weekend packed-full of fun, benefitting SpecialEffect's cause to aid & empower gamers with disabilities!

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So far, ScrapTF Item Donations have raised $2,627.76 for SpecialEffect!

About TFConnect

TFConnect is an annual, charity fundraising organisation originating from the Team Fortress 2 community. Since 2018, we have raised over $40,000 in support of various charities such as SpecialEffect, Leukaemia & Lymphoma Society, and Stop APPI Hate. With the joined effort of a small but passionate set of creative minds and friends from around the globe, our mission is to take our love for video games and collaboration and transform it into something positive by supporting charities that work to improve the lives of many people!

TFConnect 2021 is a showcase of matches, community content, interviews and giveaways, benefitting SpecialEffect! You can donate 3rd December, 2021 through 3rd January, 2022. You're also able to donate with cash via our website. The stream will be livestreamed on the Kritzkast Twitch channel, on the 11th & 12th of December, both days beginning at 1pm CET (7am EST)!

During the event, there'll be an assortment of activities for everyone involved, from a content creator 6v6 tournament with a twist ft. all of your favourite content creators, all the way to a live Smissmas Baking show ft. Shork & friends, and a session of Mann Vs. Machine with special guests A_Seagull, Uncle Dane, Robin Walker, Jill, SirActionSlacks & Benjamoose, hosted by CeeJaey. There's much more to see, so follow us on Twitter as we reveal & announce our upcoming event over the next week!

TFConnect Cast poster ft. Jbird, Chloemew, Versity, Surny, Natefox, Uncle Dane, J_peg, Freddy210hill, and others

What's SpecialEffect?

SpecialEffect’s team of specialists and therapists work hard to level the playing field for people going through physical therapy and reconnect friends and family, vastly improving the quality of life of kids and adults. With use of innovative technologies, SpecialEffect brings bespoke controller setups to people with physical disabilities allowing them to play video games to the best of their abilities as well as eye-gaze technologies to bring communication to those in intensive care.

SpecialEffect has had a profound impact on many people’s lives, building confidence and giving hope to many kids and their families, vastly improving the rehabilitation of many individuals!

Read more about SpecialEffect on their website!

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How does it all work?

When an item is donated, ScrapTF stores the cash value of your donation at the time it was made. This stored value will not change, even if the item's value later fluctuates due to the economy. ScrapTF then sells the items for their stored cash values via In the event that the item is sold for a higher price than initially listed, the full sale value will be still donated.

Neither ScrapTF nor TFConnect take any portion of the donations. However, a 2% fee is taken from each item's sale value to cover the fee from the payment processors that ScrapTF uses. This fee is actually slightly higher than 2%, but ScrapTF takes that small hit to maximize the amount of money going to the charity. As an example, if a key sells for $2.00, the fee will be $0.04, and the final donated value will be $1.96.

No-one from the TFConnect team handles any item donations and/or their cash values!

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