A Moral Decision

So brief history lesson:

Awhile ago, I became a moderator for a Discord Server of a particular TF2ber. As it turns out, the server became more and more corrupted by people with questionable behavior, and unlike another one I happen to be running, I didn't have the resources to resolve every single troll or malicious individual outside of banning them. Eventually, around April 14th, I was fed up with babysitting a questionably unstable server, and left. Not because I couldn't help - I could ban, but because I didn't have the power to introduce automod, or alt detection, or any of the like.

The reason why the griefing and trolling was occurring may be in part due to their relation with a few notorious groups of questionable beliefs in the TF2 community, leading to a video being made on their stance in the matter that heavily associates with those groups.

Back in February, they privately mentioned to the staff that a video followup to the controversial matter was coming out in a few weeks - warning that another storm of problems may be coming. I waited, and waited, I asked a few times, but they still didn't have a release date.

Some time after I left the server, over a month 1/2 later, they uploaded the hour long response video. While it did clarify stuff that was not fully clarified in the video, there is one key detail that I was aware of, but didn't ask them about, that was 100% a lie.

In the first part - before the response video, he showed footage of someone griefing in one of TF2's modes, claiming that this is "X". Despite that claim, the player in the video had a badge that the official account doesn't own, never owned, and backpack.tf shows they never had. No, they didn't delete it - the talk against him was partially influenced with fake footage. According to claims from them, the actual account that was impersonating them was one of his friends temporarily renaming themselves.

Despite this huge detail clearly being a potential hole in his side of the story, instead of being fully truthful in the original video with a pinned comment, or being honest in the followup video, he instead barely brought up the individual afterwards, banned them from the Discord Server (removing their one shot of being clear of the misconception to a wide audience), and despite having a hour long response, refused to apologize for his misconception.

Should this behavior be okay, or should I make a video talking about the individual in question?

Even if the actions of a player were recreated from actual events - if they aren't properly noted as an actor in a video - should they be called out for?
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